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Inspiration from the natural world and the occult.

Brasil - SJC - São Paulo, fotografias, musica e videos.
## music is the key ##


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  1. SJC - SP

    SJC - SP

  2. kateoplis:

Weekend plans
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  4. You’re a Targaryen, you’re the mother of dragons.

    I need to be more than that.

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  6. game of thrones - khaleesi

    game of thrones - khaleesi

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  9. Foda-se


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  11. Ilha Béla - São Paulo /Brazil

    Ilha Béla - São Paulo /Brazil

  12. film-god:

Getting Dressed #103 w/ NattyPhotographed by Q. OliverFuji X100sFor more info regarding my upcoming showcase and to buy tickets, click here
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  14. em Pier Chopps

    em Pier Chopps

  15. em Empório da Cachaça

    em Empório da Cachaça